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Tim Cooper, Partner at Addleshaw Goddard LLP, assumes the prestigious role of President at R3

Tim Cooper, Partner at Addleshaw Goddard LLP, assumes the prestigious role of President at R3


The new President, embarks on a mission to shape R3 over the next 12 months, collaborating closely with the organisation's CEO, senior management team, and Council

Central to his vision are five specific aims aimed at advancing the profession and bolstering its impact on the socio-economic landscape:

  1. Advocating Socio-Economic Contributions: Cooper endeavours to showcase the profession's vital role through thought leadership, underscoring its contributions to job preservation, business rescue, and economic growth.

  2. Promoting Inclusivity and Career Development: He advocates for the profession as an inclusive and rewarding career choice, advocating for clear pathways for qualification and career advancement.

  3. Enhancing Regulatory Framework: Tim Cooper aims to streamline the regulatory landscape, alleviating burdens on practitioners and firms while fostering constructive relationships with regulators and government agencies.

  4. Safeguarding UK's Global Standing: He pledges to uphold the UK's reputation as a global hub for restructuring and insolvency, leveraging R3's partnerships with organisations like INSOL International.

  5. Navigating Qualification Routes: Cooper leads discussions on the route to qualification for insolvency practitioners, ensuring alignment with the profession's evolving needs.

In light of anticipated governmental changes and record-high insolvency figures, Tim Cooper acknowledges the challenges ahead while affirming the critical role of restructuring and insolvency professionals in navigating economic uncertainties.

Tim Cooper's tenure marks a commitment to enhancing understanding and appreciation of the profession's significance, both within the industry and among broader stakeholders. His ambitious agenda reflects a determination to leave a lasting legacy, characterised by widespread recognition of the profession's value and appeal as a career choice.

Caroline Sumner, CEO of R3, expresses confidence in Cooper's leadership, citing his extensive experience within R3 and the profession. She anticipates his tenure will further elevate R3's profile, amplify the profession's voice in political discourse, and foster greater awareness of its contributions among key stakeholders.

As Tim Cooper assumes his role as President, the insolvency and restructuring landscape stands poised for transformative change under his visionary stewardship.