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Thomson Snell & Passmore announces 6.3% increase in billed fees for 2023-24

Thomson Snell & Passmore announces 6.3% increase in billed fees for 2023-24


The firm reports £30.5mn in billed fees, marking 11 years of consecutive growth

Law firm Thomson Snell & Passmore has announced a 6.3% increase in billed fees, reaching £30.5mn for the financial year ending on 5 June 2024. This achievement marks the firm's 11th consecutive year of growth.

The increase in billed fees reflects the firm's continued expansion, with its headcount growing to 296. Notably, several practice areas saw significant growth, including Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury, Family, Employment, Corporate & Commercial, and Real Estate teams.

Sarah Henwood, CEO at Thomson Snell & Passmore, commented on the results, saying, "Our performance against a backdrop of economic uncertainty demonstrates the quality of work we deliver, the relationships we build with clients, and the talent of everyone across the firm."

Sarah Henwood emphasised the firm's commitment going forward, stating, "As we go forward into the next financial year, we will continue our commitment to delivering excellent service to our clients, to providing a great working culture and environment for our people, and to supporting our local communities."

Thomson Snell & Passmore's consistent growth and focus on client service highlight its resilience and strategic approach in a challenging economic environment.