David Fendt explores the case of Boris Becker and the process of bankruptcy

Many readers will be aware of the recent conviction of the former tennis player, Boris Becker. He was adjudged bankrupt in June 2017 and in April 2022 found guilty of various offences under the Insolvency Act 1986 (IA 1986) for concealing assets and removing property from his bankruptcy estate. Consequently, on 29 April, Becker was handed a prison sentence of two years and six months and it has since been reported that his criminal conviction could lead to him being deported upon release.

Duties and discharge

There are many duties to which the bankrupt is subject under the IA 1986 including, under s.333, to give to their Trustee in Bankruptcy (TiB) such information as to their affairs, attend on the TiB at such times a...

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