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The power of pro bono: UK Pro Bono Week reveals 2024 themes

The power of pro bono: UK Pro Bono Week reveals 2024 themes


Sacrifice some of your profits to help others, it will bring great benefits to the community which you serve and crucially raise the reputation of the legal profession - Win win!

Pro Bono Week 2024, scheduled for 4-8 November, will focus on "The Power of Pro Bono" as its central theme. The 23rd annual event will unite the UK legal community to emphasise collaboration and inspire more legal professionals to offer free legal assistance to those most in need.

This year's Pro Bono Week aims to highlight the transformative effects of pro bono work through three main topics:

  1. Barred from justice: Showcasing compelling stories of how lawyers and law students help protect the rights of society’s most disadvantaged.
  2. Embedding pro bono in your organisation and career: Encouraging the integration of pro bono work into everyday practice and featuring leaders who have successfully embedded pro bono structures in their firms, chambers, and other legal entities.
  3. How technology can enhance access to justice: Exploring current and emerging technological tools that can make pro bono efforts more innovative and effective.

The theme highlights the significant impact of pro bono work in addressing the increasing demand for legal advice, exacerbated by the cost-of-living crisis that has led to widespread financial hardship.

In 2023, over 60 events were held nationwide during Pro Bono Week, involving around 3,000 participants, highlighting the UK legal sector's strong tradition of pro bono services. These voluntary efforts are vital for providing legal support to individuals who cannot afford legal services and do not qualify for legal aid.

Toby Brown, chair of UK Pro Bono Week, expressed excitement for the upcoming events, noting the valuable daily contributions of legal professionals. He emphasised the importance of recognising and celebrating the difference pro bono work makes in ensuring access to justice for those otherwise excluded.

With six months remaining until Pro Bono Week 2024, the organisers are eager to support their colleagues in finalising plans and events to further promote and expand pro bono participation across the UK.

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