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The Post Office Inquiry: SRA's Stance, Evidence, and Potential Actions

The Post Office Inquiry: SRA's Stance, Evidence, and Potential Actions


The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is investigating the Horizon Scandal, awaiting full evidence from the Inquiry

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has taken a prominent role in the ongoing Post Office Inquiry, yet it has encountered limitations regarding access to crucial evidence. Despite being a core participant in the investigation, the SRA did not commit to an agreement granting full access to all evidence held by the Inquiry in 2022. This decision was made to ensure the SRA's autonomy in utilizing and disclosing documents obtained independently for their inquiry's purpose.

The SRA continues its investigations and evidence gathering. Although some information from the Inquiry is public, access to comprehensive findings and pertinent evidence will only be feasible upon the completion of the Inquiry. As a result, the SRA's ability to take disciplinary action against individuals they regulate in connection to the Horizon Scandal is contingent upon the evidence available.

The SRA asserts its readiness to take action if sufficient evidence meets their criteria, which may include imposing conditions on solicitors' practicing certificates in instances where immediate risk to the public is evident. Presently, the SRA lacks adequate evidence to initiate immediate action, prompting a continual review of their position.

The SRA anticipates the need to await the Inquiry's conclusion before undertaking further formal steps. Premature action amidst an ongoing investigation poses a significant risk, considering the unavailability of all pertinent evidence.

An SRA spokesperson emphasized their commitment to investigating the conduct of lawyers and firms involved in the Horizon Scandal. They highlighted the necessity of basing any actions on sufficient evidence, specifically emphasizing the importance of key evidence stemming from the Inquiry. The SRA intends to wait for the Inquiry's conclusion to ensure comprehensive access to relevant evidence before proceeding with potential actions, while keeping their approach continually under review.