Chaynee Hodgetts reviews the anonymous criminal defence barrister’s new book

“We are all quacks and charlatans. We essentially dress up in Mummy’s clothes, don a stilted manner of speech, throw in a bit of Latin here and there, and wing it. 99 per cent of the time, this cavalier approach works out fine. But not one of us truly knows what the bloody hell we are doing.”

This right hook of a line led to Dirty Briefs, the latest in a litany of criminal Bar tales, coming to be reviewed here in the Solicitors Journal. As a (to date, almost exclusively) criminal defence barrister, its honesty resonated like little else I’d ever read. The Bar, veiled in the shadow of centuries of rites, rituals and rules (not least, more recently, Core Duty 5, “not [to] behave in a way wh...

Chaynee Hodgetts
Features and Opinion Editor
Solicitors Journal

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