The use of technology in court is now so easy and inexpensive that some judges even disallow court fees, says Edwina Millward

After hearing sO many horror stories of failed government IT projects it is refreshing to be able to report on two areas of successful electronic business, Money Claim Online (MCOL) and its progeny, Possession Claim Online (PCOL).

Lodge the papers

In 2004 HMCS launched an internet website it had developed and piloted to handle straightforward money or ‘debt’ claims. Previously, claimants or their lawyers (who were not geared up to handling bulk claims) had two choices as to how to issue those claims. They either had to visit a county court to lodge the papers and pay the court fee, or post the papers to the court and hope they got it right. Woe betide anyone who made any mistake. The papers would be rej...

Jean Yves


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