The best way of seeing justice being done is by attending a live trial, not watching an edited broadcast of one, say Michael Caplan QC and Melanie Riley

Another week, another murder case docudrama - but this time with a difference: court footage of the actual trial with the real defendant, judge, witnesses, advocates and jury. So did this week's Channel 4 two hour programme, 'The Murder Trial', truly advance the case for televising the courts?

It was undeniably compelling watching. The programme was creatively shot and has received complimentary reviews. Yet many see this as a positive step towards opening up all English Crown Courts to TV. Apparently this will, in the politicians' words, "demystify justice". Champions of the cause say it allows the public to see justice at work. The programme demonstrated that the court process can be filmed unobtrusive...

Jean-Yves Gilg
Solicitors Journal

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