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Technology experts urge Scottish legal sector to embrace AI

Technology experts urge Scottish legal sector to embrace AI


Legal experts at the Law Society of Scotland's conference stressed the importance of AI adoption for the Scottish legal sector's success

At the Law Society of Scotland's annual Legal Tech Conference in Edinburgh on 25 June 2024, technology experts emphasised the critical need for the Scottish legal sector to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other new technologies. According to the Trend Index Annual Report by Microsoft and LinkedIn, 75% of "knowledge workers," including legal professionals, are already utilising AI.

John Craske, Director of Innovation at CMS, acknowledged the current limitations of AI in the legal field but encouraged experimentation. He stated, “AI systems we’ve got today aren’t great at everything and one might argue that some of them aren’t great at anything in the law. But this is the worst that they’re ever going to be. You do need to experiment."

A panel session followed, discussing practical AI applications in the legal sector. Brodies IT Director Damien Behan noted, “We can see glimmers of use cases where it could be really useful. Every technology goes through the cycle of hype, followed by disillusionment, followed by eventual productivity."

Paul Mosson, the Law Society's Executive Director of Member Services and Engagement, highlighted the pervasive interest in AI within the legal sector. He stressed the importance of understanding and integrating AI, stating, “These are big questions and there is no simple answer, but we are all accepting that we need to increase our understanding and knowledge of AI."

The conference highlighted AI as a key focus for the LawscotTech Advisory Board, aligned with the Law Society's five-year strategy to help solicitors explore AI's potential while managing associated risks. Mosson concluded, “That's why we're offering events such as this conference to members at no added cost, to raise awareness of what is out there and why adopting technology is vital to remain competitive.”

For more information about the LawscotTech Advisory Board, visit the Law Society of Scotland's website.

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