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Switalskis celebrates remarkable growth

Switalskis celebrates remarkable growth


The firm promotes 21 talents in diverse departments, including clinical negligence, marking a significant milestone post-acquisitions

Switalskis, a leading law firm, proudly announces an impressive round of promotions, recognizing 21 individuals across 10 departments. This comprehensive promotion initiative reflects the firm's commitment to acknowledging and nurturing talent within its ranks.

In the latest promotions, seven individuals have been elevated to senior associate positions, while 14 have been promoted to associate roles. The promotions follow the successful integration of Switalskis' acquired businesses, Pryers and Atherton Godfrey, signifying a significant achievement in the firm's expansion journey.

The clinical negligence department takes the lead with the largest number of promotions. Senior associate promotions include Clare Gooch, Linda Smith, and Sian Stevens, while Burhan Akhtar, Claire Garrity, Hannah Cazaly, Helena Tindall, Jonathan Gray, and Sadie Simpson have been promoted to associate roles within the same team.

Recognition extends to various other departments, including child abuse compensation, child care, commercial property, costs, Court of Protection, IT, personal injury, risk and compliance, and special projects. George Lockley, Katrina Elsey, Ryan Dhinsa, and Sarah Wildey have been promoted to senior associate positions, while Danielle Smithurst, Emily Park, Kaz Skutenko Jones, Louise Haywood, Robyn Mayoh, Ros Raine, Samantha Follows, and Samantha Kinder-Naylor have been promoted to associate roles.

Ruth Coneron, Chair of Switalskis' Career Development Programme, expresses pride in the firm's commitment to fostering a supportive and growth-oriented environment. She notes, "We believe in going beyond the conventional to create an environment that is supportive, balanced, and nurtures growth."

Managing Director John Durkan shares his excitement about the recognition of talent within the firm, stating, "It's fantastic to see so many of our people recognized for their talent. I'm excited to see their continued contributions further enhance our reputation and ability to best support clients when they need it most." The promotions not only symbolize individual accomplishments but also contribute to the overall success and reputation of Switalskis in providing top-notch legal support to clients.