Not all our furry friends are cannabis farms - we must start discriminating correctly, warns Jeannie Mackie

What with cosy rodents and cops going native, the new year has begun promisingly enough for those of us who would rather laugh than cry.

I didn’t know that police helicopters roamed the skies looking for hot spots on suburban roofs in their ‘intelligence’ led search for cannabis factories. Mrs Hardcastle of West Yorkshire was just as surprised when she was phoned at work to be told the police were at her house, in force, with a search warrant for dangerous drugs. And it was all the fault of Pinky and Perky (not their real names – I have anonymised them for their own protection) her son’s guinea pigs, who had a heater rigged up over their cage to keep them warm.

The police explanation, given between gritted teeth by inspecto...

Jean Yves


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