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Staffordshire disability network expands with acquisition by Scope

Staffordshire disability network expands with acquisition by Scope


PurpleSpace, a Codsall-based disability network, acquired by Scope to enhance impact and grow further

PurpleSpace, a prominent networking and professional development hub for disability employee resource group leaders, has been acquired by Scope, a well-established disability equality charity. This acquisition, supported by Talbots Law and Jerroms Corporate Finance, aims to scale up PurpleSpace's efforts and leverage Scope's expertise and resources to drive further growth and impact.

Kate Nash, Founder of PurpleSpace, expressed optimism about the acquisition, highlighting the opportunities it presents for the organisation to expand its reach and impact. "This transition phase is crucial for maintaining consistency, attracting more corporate members, and generating fresh ideas," she remarked. Kate Nash also emphasised her commitment to continue supporting PurpleSpace's success in her new role as Ambassador.

Mark Hodgkinson, Chief Executive of Scope, spoke about Scope's longstanding partnership with PurpleSpace and their shared commitment to promoting disability equality. "Our investment in PurpleSpace aligns with our values and purpose," he stated, underscoring Scope's dedication to building a more equitable future through innovative employee resource groups and networks.

Talbots Law, a trusted legal advisor for the deal, received praise from Kate Nash for their exemplary service throughout the process. Mike Linford, Director & Head of Corporate & Commercial at Talbots Law, highlighted the significance of the acquisition for PurpleSpace's future growth and impact. "This deal represents an exciting next chapter," he concluded, expressing confidence in PurpleSpace's potential to thrive under new ownership.

The acquisition marks a strategic move for Scope to expand its influence in promoting disability rights and equality through its partnership with PurpleSpace.

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