Susannah Foden explores the use of solicitors’ liens and circumstances in which they could be applied

If you have ever wondered whether the solicitors of yesteryear came up against similar challenges to those we face in 2022, you are not alone.

An edition of Solicitors Journal published a century ago, on 23 September 1922, featured the case of Dessau v Peters, Rushton & Co [1922] which examined the effect of a change of solicitors on the former solicitors’ lien for costs, in an action for the dissolution of a partnership.

Disagreements over the parameters for the use of solicitors’ liens have rambled on, with a vast array of case law continuing to build and the topic reaching the Supreme Court in Bott & Co Solicitors Ltd v Ryanair DAC [2022] UKSC 8 in March this year (2022). Bef...

Susannah Foden
Associate Solicitor
Russell Cooke

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