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Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Deputy Editor, Solicitors Journal

Solicitor fined £1,500 for 'puerile' social media posts about clients

Solicitor fined £1,500 for 'puerile' social media posts about clients


An east London based sole practitioner has been fined £1,500 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, on top of costs of £6000, for “posting inappropriate and puerile comments on social media about his clients”. #

Harmal Singh Paul was reprimanded by the regulator for more than 130 inappropriate post between November 2015 and September 2016, including posting from police stations, prisons or courts about the criminal charge he was advising on. The imprudent tweeting included insensitive use of emojis in posts about serious crimes. Since the intervention he has taken his accounts offline.