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‘Smoothies for Solicitors’ Celebrate the Biggest London Legal Walk in 20 Years

‘Smoothies for Solicitors’ Celebrate the Biggest London Legal Walk in 20 Years


The Solicitors’ Charity gave a refreshing twist at this year’s London Legal Walk with its ‘Smoothies for Solicitors’ Bikes

A record number of solicitors and their legal colleagues stepped out in support of this year’s London Legal Walk, sponsored by The Solicitors’ Charity. Around 18,000 walkers and runners took to the streets of London on Tuesday, 18th June, for the 10K challenge.

  • The Solicitors’ Charity had ‘Smoothies for Solicitors’ at its stand for a post-walk treat.
  • 18,000 legal professionals stepped up to walk the 10K route.
  • The Solicitors’ Charity sponsors London Legal Support Trust’s event to raise awareness of wellbeing support for solicitors.
  • Photos from the London Legal Walk available here.

The London Legal Walk, now in its 20th year, was organised by the London Legal Support Trust and brought together the legal community supporting access to justice. Over two decades, the London Legal Walk has possibly become the world’s single biggest event for legal professionals.

Participants were invited to stop at The Solicitors’ Charity stand and find out more about the holistic wellbeing support available to solicitors and their dependants. All were invited to pedal on The Solicitors' Charity smoothie bikes for a post-walk refreshing treat in the sunshine.

After crossing the finish line, the walkers celebrated at an evening street party featuring food vendors, musicians, stilt walkers, a steel band, competitions, and a celebratory finish drink. Throughout the day, the charity captured photos of legal professionals walking with their teams, as well as cycling at The Solicitors’ Charity stand.

Nick Gallagher, CEO of The Solicitors’ Charity, shared: “We’re proud to be sponsoring the London Legal Walk again this year and getting the opportunity to talk to so many legal professionals supporting a great cause.” Our fabulous ‘Smoothies for Solicitors’ Bikes were a huge hit – it was lovely to see so many people having a great time for a great cause! We look forward to participating again next year and spreading the word about the work we do and how it makes a positive

The Solicitors’ Charity provides comprehensive support to improve the wellbeing of solicitors, helping them to overcome life’s challenges. People approach the charity for help for all sorts of reasons, including struggles with the cost of living and money management, ill health, disability, distress through domestic violence, and anxiety, often caused by work-related stress or life-connected trauma.

Support in the form of regular donations from trusts, foundations, local law societies, firms, and individuals, and unclaimed client balances (RCBs) from firms, is needed more than ever by the charity in these challenging times. The Solicitors’ Charity works with clients to identify packages of wellbeing support to help them return to being self-sustaining such as:

  • Emotional/Mental Support – with providers of psychotherapy, an initial assessment is offered followed by funded sessions with qualified therapists. The charity part-funds the mental health and wellbeing charity, LawCare, with trained lawyer volunteers providing peer support.
  • Financial Support – if individuals are struggling with finances and money management, the charity helps with budgeting and drawing up practical money management plans with expert partners.
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