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Sloan Solicitors to merge with Clifton Ingram

Sloan Solicitors to merge with Clifton Ingram


Wokingham's Sloan Solicitors joins Clifton Ingram for enhanced legal services, expecting significant growth.

Sloan Solicitors, a respected name in residential property law within Wokingham, has embarked on a transformative journey by agreeing to merge with the esteemed Clifton Ingram. This union, poised to solidify legal expertise and services in the region, marks a pivotal moment in the legal landscape of South East England.

Clifton Ingram has garnered high acclaim in the Legal 500 as a premier full-service legal firm. Known for its comprehensive legal assistance to both individuals and businesses across the South East, the firm's merger with Sloan Solicitors, a renowned entity in Wokingham, underlines the convergence of two highly esteemed local legal entities.

Forecasts predict an impressive 36% surge in growth and revenue following this merger, setting the stage for a prosperous year ahead in 2024. This development follows the successful integration of Bells Solicitors, a historic law firm dating back through the UK's legal heritage, solidifying the firm's commitment to expansion and development.

Anne Deller, Managing Partner at Clifton Ingram, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, stating, “We are thrilled that Sloan Solicitors have joined us. Bringing together years of collective experience and shared values will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing growth of Clifton Ingram and will further enhance the excellent legal services we have always provided to our clients throughout the Thames Valley, Surrey, and Hampshire.”

The collaborative effort between Sloan Solicitors and Clifton Ingram not only signifies a strategic alignment but also promises strengthened legal services catering to a wider client base, redefining the landscape of legal counsel in Wokingham and the surrounding regions.