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#SJ160 crossword

#SJ160 crossword


Have you been keeping up to date with Solicitors Journal's archived articles? Think you're fully briefed in legal history?

Then put your thinking caps on and make a case to be honoured as a Solicitors Journal crossword winner!

We're celebrating being 160 years old in style, and every quarter we'll be publishing a new crossword that tests readers on our rich history and general knowledge.

As a prize, we will be offering one six-month subscription and two three-month subscriptions to two runners up. Just send your completed crossword to or, if by post, to: SJ Editorial, ARK Conferences, 6-14 Underwood Street, London, N1 7JQ.

Please note: this competition is open to non-subscribers only.

We recommend saving the image below to your desktop, printing it out, and then filling it in the old-fashioned way – by quill and ink, if you like.

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Answers will be published in our 10 May 2016 issue.




1. In a 1913 edition of Solicitors Journal, this rule was discussed relating to payments of senior and junior counsels

6. The price of Solicitors Journal when it was first published was ____ pence

9. Interact in a certain way

10. The damages claim in the suit covered in 1 down, ____ navigation

11. In England, a Legate was the earlier title for this position

12. When Solicitors Journal was founded in 1857, this subject was excluded from its pages

15. First item on the list of the matters to be covered by the newly founded Solicitors Journal in 1857

16. Pre-court proclamation word

18. Feather's partner?

20. In 1862, Solicitors Journal supported giving this class of people greater copyright protection

23. The 1919 Sex Discrimination Act paved the way for advances in the legal profession for this demographic

25. Word following high and afternoon

26. First name of the QC who represented Oscar Wilde

28. Solicitors Journal backed changes in these exams for solicitors in 1990

30. In 1862, Solicitors Journal supported this Lord's proposal relating to the transfer of land and its title

34. It was under this Lord that judges were secured in their offices irrespective of the demise of the Crown

35. Slang for a higher educational establishment

36. This term was replaced by the phrase 'poor persons' in draft rules Part IV of R.S.C., Ord. 16, as reported by Solicitors Journal

37. In 1949, Solicitors Journal argued for legal centres to be allowed to provide more than this type of advice


1. In 1914, Solicitors Journal covered appeals relating to damages claims after the sinking of this ship

2. The name of the steamship company sued in the case referred to in 10 across

3. If a barrister talks without substance, he could be said to be guilty of talking ___

4. Viscount or marquis, e.g.

5. Bend under pressure

6. Text manager

7. Defendant in a 1977 case involving trespass to goods

8. Interjection of disapproval

13. Nickname for King Henry

14. Sir Francis Bacon was the ___ Queen's Counsel Extraordinary

15. Comes before second

17. Region

18. Romanov title

19. Mistress of Charles II

20. Parliamentary vote

21. Pull down the Thames

22. Churchill's 'so few'

24. In January 1915, Solicitors Journal reported on the issue of conscription and the fact that under the law the ____ was on a voluntary basis only

27. First letters of a northern county

29. Symbols of sovereignty

30. Black headgear still part of a judge's official regalia

31. Start of an emirate

32. Reason to say 'alas'

33. Heathrow is one

34. Life history