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Shieldpay launches guide to effective litigation settlement distribution for legal sector

Shieldpay launches guide to effective litigation settlement distribution for legal sector


Shieldpay's 'Blueprint to Distribution' offers vital steps for efficient compensation distribution, aiding law firms and claimants

In response to the escalating demand for streamlined strategies in litigation compensation payments, Shieldpay has introduced the 'Blueprint to Distribution'. This comprehensive guide equips legal entities with essential practices to navigate the distribution process effectively and deliver optimal payments to claimants.

As litigation cases burgeon, with UK class actions alone seeing a substantial increase in value, the legal sector faces the imperative of scaling operations efficiently. The average revenue from litigation for UK firms has risen significantly, underscoring the need for adept handling of settlement distributions.

Without proper guidance, settlement payouts can become convoluted and protracted, burdening firms with administrative complexities and risking dissatisfaction among claimants. The 'Blueprint to Distribution' emphasises the importance of meticulous planning from the outset to ensure a smooth and timely disbursement process.

Central to Shieldpay's guidance is the early integration of distribution planning into case management strategies, fostering transparency and trust with claimants. By selecting the right payments partner and adhering to a structured approach, legal practitioners can navigate the intricacies of settlement distributions with confidence.

Claire Van der Zant, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Shieldpay, emphasizss the necessity of looking beyond trial proceedings to achieve comprehensive justice. The guide underscores the significance of premeditated distribution strategies, aiming to enhance the overall payment experience for claimants and stakeholders alike.