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Sophie Cameron

Features and Opinion Editor, Solicitors Journal

Sentencing Council publishes new business plan

60 Seconds
Sentencing Council publishes new business plan


The latest business plan sets out the work planned for the forthcoming year

The Sentencing Council published its business plan for 2023/24 on 31 May, which sets out its plan of work for the year ahead to March 2024. The initiatives included in the business plan relate to the objectives set out in the Sentencing Council’s five-year (2021-26) strategy, which was first published in November 2021. The new business plan includes a list of draft guidelines that the Sentencing Council will be consulting on during the year, which includes reviewing the guidelines on bladed articles and offensive weapons, intimidatory offences and breach offences, as well as a review of the expanded explanations that accompany some of the guideline factors.