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Senior appointment along with some key personnel changes announced by tech platform

Senior appointment along with some key personnel changes announced by tech platform


Nexa, the tech-enabled platform for consultant lawyers is delighted to announce some key personnel changes and appointments

After more than three years in the role of CEO, Nigel Clark is stepping back (but not bowing out). Nigel will continue to be a director of Nexa,  with a wide brief to continue to support the business as it continues to grow.

Taking over as CEO is founder and former COO, Eliot Hibbert. His previous role is now being filled by Victoria Hibbert who steps up to head the operations team which is based at HQ in Oswestry.

John McAuley has joined Nexa as the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Talent. Having previously held senior business development roles in the tech sector, John will bring a dynamism and energy to Nexa as it enters its next stage of growth.

 Eliot Hibbert said: “Nigel has been a key part of our growth since January 2020. During that time we have worked incredibly closely together, to grow our pool of consultant solicitors , increase our annual revenue year on year and welcome over 20 market facing legal brands on our platform.. We look forward to continuing to draw on Nigel’s expertise and sector knowledge as a director of Nexa.”

Eliot continues: “We are delighted to welcome John to Nexa.  John’s tech sector background will bring a fresh approach to Nexa’s marketing and recruitment and we are excited to have him on board as we enter a new chapter.”

John McAuley said: “Nexa is developing a reputation as one of the UK’s leading providers of consultant solicitors.  I am excited to join Nexa at such a pivotal time and I look forward to steering the marketing and recruitment efforts.