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Russell-Cooke expands insolvency practice with key partner appointment

Russell-Cooke expands insolvency practice with key partner appointment


The firm announces the addition of Simon Jerrum as the new head of restructuring and insolvency

Bringing nearly 15 years of comprehensive experience to the role, Simon Jerrum is renowned for his prowess in navigating intricate insolvency matters, particularly in high-stakes disputes spanning multiple jurisdictions. His arrival signifies Russell-Cooke's commitment to delivering unparalleled service to clients facing complex financial challenges.

Simon's illustrious career includes advising a diverse clientele comprising insolvency practitioners, directors, companies, investors, and high-net-worth individuals on a spectrum of insolvency issues. Notably, he has played pivotal roles in some of the most prominent insolvencies in recent memory, earning accolades for his strategic acumen and pragmatic solutions.

Recognised as a "standout individual" by leading legal directories, Simon's appointment underscores Russell-Cooke's dedication to assembling a team of exceptional talent capable of navigating the most demanding legal landscapes. His expertise extends beyond the confines of English courts, encompassing litigation and arbitration on a global scale.

John Gould, Senior Partner at Russell-Cooke, expresses confidence in Simon's ability to lead the firm's restructuring and insolvency practice to new heights. He remarks, "Simon brings great experience and unsurpassed expertise to our restructuring and insolvency practice. He increases our capacity to deal with the most complex and challenging matters including those with an international element."

In his own words, Simon Jerrum expresses enthusiasm for joining Russell-Cooke at a pivotal juncture in its growth trajectory. He highlights the firm's reputation for providing holistic support to clients across diverse practice areas, emphasising his alignment with its values and vision for the future.

Simon's appointment represents a strategic move to bolster Russell-Cooke's position as a leader in insolvency law, further solidifying its commitment to delivering exceptional legal services to clients worldwide.