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Risk Review Skill Added to Genie AI’s Legal Assistant

Risk Review Skill Added to Genie AI’s Legal Assistant


It can now review whole documents clause-by-clause, understanding and explaining all the risks

Traditional contract analysis has always been time-consuming and prone to human error. A 50-page document which would have taken a legal professional days review and mark up can now be marked up from scratch in three minutes! After uploading a document, Genie AI users are one click away from triggering document review, with responses tailored to the entire document, the party, and the context surrounding the user’s deal.

Nitish Mutha, CTO and co-founder of Genie AI, says: “We have designed the user experience to be highly interactive, mirroring exactly how you would draft and review a document with another colleague or your lawyer. This is just the start of our move towards multimodal AI, where we offer interactions far beyond chat.”

95% of 1000 legal professionals surveyed by LexisNexis expect AI to impact how they practice law and 59% see great potential in using AI to draft legal documents. Genie AI is leading the charge with 1300+ law firms, in-house lawyers and legal professionals (such as paralegals) using their AI Legal Assistant, alongside 30,000 businesses worldwide.

Liam O’Brian, Head of IT & Data Protection Officer for a UK charity, says: "RAG Review provides a really thorough insight into the risks within a legal document. It's incredibly useful for me and I found the comments it generated on high risk clauses very helpful.”