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Richard Susskind leaves role as technology adviser to Lady Chief Justice

Richard Susskind leaves role as technology adviser to Lady Chief Justice


Susskind resigns after 25 years advising on legal tech, praised for invaluable contribution

After an illustrious 25-year tenure as the Technology Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice, Professor Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon) has decided to step down from his esteemed position. His decision was communicated to the Lady Chief Justice, marking the end of an era characterized by remarkable advancements in legal technology.

Throughout his tenure, Professor Susskind has been a cornerstone in guiding and advising six successive Lord Chief Justices, commencing with Lord Bingham in 1998. His expertise and counsel have been instrumental in steering the judiciary through a transformative journey from an era devoid of basic technology to the current landscape where top judges actively champion 'digital justice.'

In response to his departure, the Lady Chief Justice expressed immense gratitude, acknowledging Susskind's pivotal role in steering the judiciary through an era of unparalleled technological progress. She highlighted his invaluable advice, spanning many years and benefiting numerous senior judges, enabling the judiciary to consistently align with significant technological advancements affecting the courts and tribunals.

Richard Susskind's legacy leaves an indelible mark on the judiciary, cultivating a profound understanding of pertinent technological issues and laying a robust foundation for their current operations. His departure signifies the end of an era marked by his significant contributions to the integration of technology within the legal sphere.