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Retirement of the Lord President

Retirement of the Lord President


Lord Carloway, has informed the Law Society of Scotland that he will retire from his judicial duties in early 2025

Lord Carloway became a Senator of the College of Justice in February 2000 and has served as the most senior member of Scotland's judiciary since December 2015.

Susan Murray, President of the Law Society of Scotland, commented: "I would like to congratulate Lord Carloway on behalf of all Scottish solicitors for what has been an exemplary legal career. We wish him the very best for his retirement beginning next year.

"Lord Carloway has made an enormous contribution to Scots law and particularly in providing effective leadership as Scotland's courts have undergone significant change over the past decade. He deserves praise especially for his leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and for his willingness to embrace technology in the courtroom.

"The Law Society of Scotland has always found Lord Carloway to be approachable and receptive when we have sought to provide feedback or raise concerns on behalf of our court practitioner members.

"We look forward to welcoming Lord Carloway's successor in due course and continuing to work constructively with all members of the Scottish judiciary."