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Renowned International Law Experts Join eyeWitness to Atrocities Board

Renowned International Law Experts Join eyeWitness to Atrocities Board


David Scheffer and David Tolbert appointed as Counsellors to eyeWitness Board for accountability pursuit

eyeWitness to Atrocities, an initiative established by the International Bar Association (IBA), has welcomed the esteemed international law experts, David J Scheffer and David Tolbert, as Counsellors to its Board of Trustees.

Professor Scheffer, renowned for his expertise in international law and criminal justice, boasts a distinguished career shaping global human rights policies. His notable roles include serving as the first United States Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues and leading the US delegation for the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC). He has been honored as a ‘Top Global Thinker of 2011’ and received awards such as the Berlin Prize and the Champion of Justice Award for his commitment to justice.

Expressing his gratitude for the appointment, Professor Scheffer stated, "The role of eyeWitness in documenting atrocity crimes amid the challenges posed by social media manipulation and disinformation campaigns has become crucial. I am honored to support eyeWitness in its pursuit of justice."

Mr. Tolbert, a distinguished international human rights lawyer and former war crimes prosecutor, brings vast experience in international criminal justice and humanitarian law. He served in key positions within the United Nations, contributing significantly to the fields of justice and transitional justice.

Regarding his new role, Mr. Tolbert commented, "eyeWitness plays a vital role in collecting evidence and promoting accountability worldwide. I am honored to contribute to this crucial initiative."

The eyeWitness to Atrocities app, an award-winning tool for android phones, empowers on-the-ground documenters to capture verifiable photo, video, and audio footage of human rights violations. It embeds captured footage with metadata, ensuring authenticity for investigations and court use. Collaborating with legal experts, eyeWitness prepares detailed dossiers for various accountability mechanisms, having already captured over 65,000 files.

Dr. Mark Ellis, eyeWitness originator and IBA Executive Director, expressed that Scheffer and Tolbert's dedication to international justice aligns perfectly with eyeWitness' mission.

Carrie Bowker, eyeWitness Director, affirmed that Scheffer and Tolbert's expertise will significantly enhance eyeWitness' efforts in bridging the gap between frontline documentation and justice pursuit through innovative law and technology integration.

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