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Quick start your lawtech journey by joining progamme from LawtechUK

Quick start your lawtech journey by joining progamme from LawtechUK


Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your lawtech startup journey

LawtechUK, the groundbreaking initiative aimed at spearheading the digital transformation of the legal sector in the United Kingdom, is excited to invite aspiring entrepreneurs and legal tech enthusiasts to join their Lawtech Fundamentals programme. This programme is designed to empower individuals at any stage of their lawtech startup journey, offering insights and resources to help companies make their mark in the dynamic world of legal technology.

The Lawtech Fundamentals programme is a continuous and transformative learning experience, conducted entirely online through a series of five modules, allowing participants to complete it at their own pace. It covers critical aspects such as ideation, skill acquisition, teamwork, and building a thriving culture from your startup.

By joining this programme, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of key areas, including:

The UK’s Lawtech Landscape: Explore the vibrant and evolving landscape of lawtech in the United Kingdom, gaining insights into opportunities and challenges within the sector.

Startup Creation and Growth: Learn the ins and outs of establishing a lawtech startup, discover strategies for sustainable growth, and understand the common pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Support Ecosystem: Get acquainted with the extensive support network available for turning your lawtech idea into a reality, including access to invaluable resources and mentorship.

One of the program's highlights is its accessibility. Participants receive exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including the Lawtech Fundamentals free online course, engaging content, video interviews featuring accomplished lawtech founders, and thought-provoking reflective exercises to test their knowledge.

“Lawtech Fundamentals has been designed to appeal to a variety of audiences from those starting up their own lawtech company needing specific advice to others who want to broaden their knowledge of the lawtech sector to keep their careers on track.  It’s a really comprehensive programme that we believe will add to innovation in the lawtech sector and we expect to see some interesting new startups as a result.” says Mimi Zou, Professor of Commercial Law, University of Exeter; Visiting Fellow, Oxford Martin School; Co-founder, Deriskly & LawtechUK Panel member.

Lawtech Fundamentals is ideal for individuals who are:

Legal Professionals and Students: Those studying or working in the legal field with a keen interest in tech startups and their growth potential.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Individuals with a brilliant idea for a lawtech startup but are uncertain about how to transform it into reality.

Tech Enthusiasts: Those who are not familiar with the lawtech landscape but are eager to explore how their innovative ideas can contribute to this field.

Legal Sector Enthusiasts: Individuals intrigued by the prospect of collaborating with or working for the legal sector, particularly in innovation and technology.

Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your lawtech startup journey. Enroll in the Lawtech Fundamentals programme today by visiting