Jaime Hamilton QC has called out “sexism” in the appointment of lawyers to high-profile cases

Manchester-based criminal silk Jaime Hamilton has spoken out over clear “sexism” in the appointment of lawyers to high-profile cases.

Hamilton, a barrister at Nine St John Street Chambers, was appointed Queens Counsel (QC) in 2019.

In a blog post titled The Gender Brief Gap published this weekend, he said that since becoming a QC and consequently being instructed on “serious” cases he has noticed that female counsel are notably underrepresented.

“There is a gender brief gap. Men are disproportionately briefed in the “serious” cases that involve murder, guns, drugs and fraud”, he said.

He said that of the case trials he had conducted in the last 18 months, only 1...

Hannah Gannagé-Stewart
Deputy Editor
Solicitors Journal

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