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Suzanne Townley

News Editor, Solicitors Journal

QC appointments 2021

QC appointments 2021


The appointments included five solicitor advocates

Her Majesty The Queen has approved the appointment of 101 barristers and Solicitors as new Queen’s Counsel (QC) in England and Wales.

Those awarded with the title of QC have demonstrated particular skill and expertise in the conduct of advocacy.

The appointment of eight new Honorary Queen’s Counsel was also announced. Honorary QCs are awarded to those who have made a major contribution to the law, outside practice in the courts.

The appointment ceremony will be held at Westminster Hall on 21 March 2022, with awards being bestowed by the Lord Chancellor & Justice Secretary, Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP.

The Lord Chancellor said: “I want to congratulate all recipients of this title on their forthcoming appointments and awards.

“The award of QC is highly sought after, and the expertise and eminence of this year’s pool is testament to the excellence of our world-leading legal sector”.

The Law Society commented: “News that five solicitor advocates are to be appointed QC is extremely welcome. We’d like to congratulate all the successful candidates: Ruth Byrne, Kate Davies McGill, Sylvia Noury, Christopher Parker and Gaetan Verhoosel.

“We’d also like to congratulate those solicitors made honorary QC among them Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Camilla Parker – member of the Law Society’s Mental Health and Disability Committee, as well as Professor David Hodson and Andrea Coomber.”

Hodson, who is co-founder and partner of The International Family Law Group, commented: “I am delighted to receive this honour.  I have throughout my career been keen to make the law more accessible, fairer and understandable to all, to keep cases out-of-court wherever possible, to encourage good settlement-orientated practice and to share my knowledge. 

“I’ve had the privilege of working in leading and cutting-edge firms and alongside some incredible colleagues. Family breakdown is dreadful for everyone concerned. Resolving disputes from that breakdown should make it easier for family members with fair solutions, not harder and more painful.  I have through many ways tried to bring this about in practice.  The vital work continues.”

New Queen’s Counsel (QC) in England and Wales

Ms Sarah Katherine Abram

Mr Timothy Osman Akkouh

Miss Nneka Veronica Anastesia Akudolu

Miss Rehana Azib

Mr Christopher Paul Barnes

Dr Rachel Ann Barnes

Mr Lucas Bastin

Mr Anthony Zaid Beswetherick

Ms Jessica Boyd

Mr Matthew James Bradley

Mr David Bradly

Ms Nicola Braganza

Ms Joy Brereton

Mr Jeremy Marc Brier

Ms Laura Judith Briggs

Mr Edward Martin Brown

Mr Jude James Bunting

Ms Ruth Byrne

Miss Jacqueline Anne Carey

Mr Alexander Charles Ross Chandler

Mr Rupert Quincey Choat

Miss Joanne Marie Clement

Ms Betsan Heulyn Criddle

Miss Rhiannon Crimmins

Ms Kate Helen Davies McGill

Miss Claire Suzanne Davies

Ms Elizabeth Davies

Ms Estelle Alexandra Michelle Dehon

Ms Laura Dubinsky

Mr Aidan Eardley

Ms Helen Mary Evans

Mr Julian Evans

Ms Gemma Farrington

Mr Mark Anthony David Fell

Mr Andrew James Ford

Mr Alan James Gardner

Mr Mark Douglas Gatley

Mr Simon Ian Goldberg

Mr David Ericson Grant

Mr Michael Gration

Mr Timothy Sinclair Green

Mr Neil Hart

Ms Deanna Mary Heer

Miss Catherine Louise Heyworth

Ms Josephine Higgs

Miss Miranda Jane Hill

Mr Simon Stuart Howarth

Mr Sebastian Mark Isaac

Miss Laura Wendy Johnson

Mr Julfikhar Farhaz Khan

Mr David Stephen Lamb

Mr Marios Pambos Lambis

Mr Calum Lamont

Ms Zoe Laura Leventhal

Mr Jeremy Stephen Lewis

Ms Lisa Linklater

Mr James MacDonald

Ms Alice Candida Mary Mayhew

Mr Alexander Nathan Milner

Mr Simon Christopher Milnes

Mr Thomas Edward Munby

Miss Melissa Rosalind Gillian Murphy

Mr Hanif Mohamed Iqbal Mussa

Ms Sylvia Maria Noury

Mr Joseph Patrick Anthony Peter O'Brien

Mr Christopher John Parker

Mr Timothy Terence Parker

Ms Carine Anne Isabelle Patry

Mr Alexander Richard Polley

Miss Laurie-Anne Power

Mr Nathan Rasiah

Ms Sarah Katrina Reid

Mr Giles Richardson

Mr Stephen Robins

Ms Sophia Roper

Mr Charles Philip Row

Mr Harpreet Singh Sandhu

Mr Andrew James Scott

Miss Sara Louise Sherafat Mansoori

Mr Laurence James St. Ville

Ms Sultana Tafadar

Mr Richard John Thomas

Mr Richard Michael Thyne

Miss Claire Victoria Toogood

Dr Gaetan Verhoosel

Ms Sarah Jane Vine

Mr Liam David Walker

Ms Galina Ward

Mr Toby Watkin

Miss Claire Elizabeth Watson

Mr Matthew Paul Weaver

Mr Robert Nicholas Weekes

Mr Andrew David Westwood

Mr Richard Langdale Whitehall

Ms Victoria Kathleen Fitzgerald Windle

Ms Emily Caroline Wood

Mr Charles Philip Woodhouse

Miss Charlotte Helen Grace Worsley

Mr Alexander Paul Wright

Ms Lucy Anne Wyles

Miss Gudrun Rachael Young