This issue, Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Taylor Rose MW’s CEO, Adrian Jaggard.

Founded in 2009, as Taylor Rose Law, Taylor Rose MW is a firm which has successfully undertaken several mergers, with firms such as Tucker Turner Kingsley Wood and McMillan Williams Solicitors. It currently has around 500 employees and 350 fee-earning consultants, generating revenues of £70m in the year ending September 2021. Primarily focused on consumer law, Taylor Rose MW operates in sectors, including private client, family, criminal law and property law, where it is a top three UK conveyancer. The firm also has a leading consultancy division, with numbers increasing. This issue, we speak with the firm’s CEO, Adrian Jaggard.

Thank you for joining us, Adrian. Please tell us about yourself – what is...

Chaynee Hodgetts
Features and Opinion Editor & Barrister
Solicitors Journal & Libertas Chambers

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