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Suzanne Townley

News Editor, Solicitors Journal

Pure Legal goes into administration with hundreds of job losses

Pure Legal goes into administration with hundreds of job losses


Former employees have taken to LinkedIn to share their dismay at the companies' collapse

Claims firm Pure Legal announced it had gone into administration on 2 November. More than 200 staff at Liverpool and Prescot-based Pure Legal have been made redundant as a result of the administration.

Pure Business Group Limited, Pure Legal Limited, Pure Claims Support Services Limited, Pure Technology Systems Limited, Pure Reporting Services Limited, Pure Claims Limited, Pure Costs Budget Limited, Connect Costs Limited and Astute Business Management Consultants Limited have all been placed into administration. Other companies within the corporate group are unaffected by the administration and remain trading.

Individuals from Kroll Advisory Ltd have been appointed as joint administrators of the companies. A statement from the companies said the joint administrators, with support from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, have secured the effective transfer of rights to handle the claims and work-in-progress files of all existing claimants. Files have been passed to Recovery First, a specialist firm that helps law firms withdraw from the market.

A former fee earner with Pure Legal posted on LinkedIn that it had been “heart breaking” to see colleagues and friends devastated by the news of the administration, but that she had been “inundated” with messages regarding opportunities. Many other former employees took to LinkedIn to share their sadness at the collapse of the companies and shared positive words about their former colleagues.  

The owner of the group, Phil Hodgkinson, is chairman of Huddersfield Town football club. However, a statement from the club’s board of directors said Hodgkinson’s 75 per cent shareholding in the club was held by a separate limited company, Pure Sports Consultancy Limited, which was unaffected by the administration.

To find out more information about on-going files, contact Recovery First at 0114 698 4600 or for assistance. The joint administrators can be contacted at 0808 196 3791 or by email at