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Postlethwaite Solicitors welcomes Robin Hartley to strengthen employee ownership team

Postlethwaite Solicitors welcomes Robin Hartley to strengthen employee ownership team


Leading national practice in employee ownership expands with strategic partner hire

Postlethwaite Solicitors, at the forefront of employee ownership (EO) since 2003 and fully employee-owned since March 2023, continues to bolster its team with the appointment of Robin Hartley as a Partner. The move aligns with the firm's commitment to expanding its expertise and services in response to the escalating interest and adoption of employee ownership structures.

Robin Hartley brings a wealth of experience garnered over his 16-year career, where he has distinguished himself for his proficiency in structuring Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). His dedication to creating financially viable and equitable solutions has positioned him as a respected authority in the field.

With a particular focus on the financial aspects of employee ownership, Hartley utilises financial modelling to inform decisions on transaction structure, group reorganisations, and stakeholder interest balancing. Joining Postlethwaite's accomplished team of six lawyers, Hartley assumes responsibility for several key areas, including designing and implementing EOT transactions aligned with commercial objectives, promoting business valuation understanding, and facilitating wealth planning for vendors undergoing EOT transitions.

Hartley's financial acumen plays a crucial role in raising capital for seamless ownership transitions, providing a strategic financial viewpoint throughout the sale process. He emphasises comprehensive documentation of transactions from both EOT and corporate sale perspectives, ensuring legal and financial integrity. Additionally, Hartley will implement tax-advantaged share schemes to enhance stakeholder alignment and motivation.

Beyond his role in facilitating transactions, Hartley actively contributes to industry discussions and initiatives, aiming to broaden understanding and adoption of employee ownership schemes. His background, which includes qualifications from a Magic Circle law firm and experience in a Big Four accounting firm's financial services team, uniquely positions him to navigate the complexities of valuations, accounting for employee ownership, and taxation of EOTs.

Founder and Managing Director of Postlethwaite, Robert Postlethwaite, expressed delight at Hartley's addition to the team, emphasising his significance in driving the firm's ambitious growth plans. Hartley, in turn, expressed enthusiasm about joining Postlethwaite, commending the firm's commitment to employee ownership principles and its employee-owned structure. He looks forward to leveraging his expertise to further innovate practices and contribute to Postlethwaite's leading role in building the employee-owned economy.