The level of damages awarded in spinal injury claims is high and is increasing rapidly, but these figures can only be achieved by selecting the right experts. Paul Paxton considers professionals who could improve the chance of a successful outcome

Getting expert selection right, by way of both the most appropriate individual as well as the correct disciplines, is a fine art in itself. Done well, a substantial amount can be added to the claim; often many hundreds and indeed sometimes millions of pounds. Of course this does not mean that the claimant will get a windfall; only that their needs will be met.

The table below is taken directly from the Schedule of Loss that was drafted in the recently reported case of Callum Eriksson, who was accidentally run over by his father causing spinal cord injury (‘SCI’). It is evident that the overall level of damages now being sought (and indeed recovered) is high and on the increase. These figures are not achievable without the right tea...

Jean Yves


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