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Perane unveils one-stop-shop service for simplifying inheritance recovery for charities

Perane unveils one-stop-shop service for simplifying inheritance recovery for charities


Inheritance recovery specialists Perane have introduced a new one-stop-shop approach designed to streamline the often complex coordination required between charities, executors, and financial institutions when legacies are divided among multiple organizations

Streamlined Process for Multiple Beneficiaries

The goal of this new service is to simplify the process for individuals who leave residual estates to be divided among various charitable organisations. While the process is straightforward when only one or two charities are involved, it can become considerably more complex when six to ten or more organisations are beneficiaries. This complexity can make the repatriation of funds both time-consuming and challenging.

Comprehensive Coordination

Perane and Co will now act as a one-stop-shop for identifying unclaimed assets and coordinating between the various charities, while also serving as a single point of contact for executors and financial institutions. This approach aims to simplify communications and alleviate the stress on legacy managers and professional or lay executors.

Bruce Cane, CEO of Perane, explains, “We work with the charities to facilitate the disbursement of these legacies. When multiple beneficiaries are involved, it is customary for one charity to take the lead and coordinate with the others. However, this increases the workload for already overstretched and understaffed charities, which is why Perane now offers this one-stop-shop service, removing stress from all parties involved.”

Expertise and Technology

Leveraging its in-depth knowledge of dormant assets and extensive resources, Perane is equipped to source all necessary documentation, handle paperwork, and manage communications between charities and executors, ensuring a professional service for all parties.

Cane adds, “We understand that many charities are unfamiliar with our services because this is new ground for them. Our technology allows us to recover assets that may have been missed by executors during the initial winding up of an estate.”

The magnitude of unclaimed or lost assets is significant, with an estimated £50 billion held by financial institutions. Perane has already recovered and distributed £20 million, with more funds continually being identified. Their pioneering software can search previously inaccessible databases to identify deceased share and pension ownership, and to date, they have identified over £2 million left to charitable organisations.

Ongoing Support for Charities

Cane emphasises, “We are always happy to talk to all charities and executors to see if we can facilitate the speedy disbursement of these funds to the organisations they were intended for. Our goal is to repatriate unclaimed assets to the charities they were left to.”

Perane’s new service represents a significant advancement in the field of inheritance recovery, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for managing and distributing legacies among multiple charitable beneficiaries.

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