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Pepperells Solicitors appoint new head of department for domestic abuse and child law team

Pepperells Solicitors appoint new head of department for domestic abuse and child law team


Nichola Skayman's appointment marks Pepperells' dedication to aiding survivors and handling family law challenges

Pepperells Solicitors proudly announces Nichola Skayman as the new Head of Department for their Domestic Abuse and Private Law Children team. Skayman's leadership promises an enhanced focus on individuals affected by domestic abuse and those navigating private law children matters.

The appointment reflects Pepperells' commitment to addressing family law complexities and amplifies their efforts to support survivors of domestic abuse and protect children amidst challenging circumstances.

Skayman's team, spanning various regions including Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire, the North East, London, and the South West, aims to collaborate closely with domestic abuse agencies and support organizations. Their goal is to provide compassionate legal solutions for families, vulnerable adults, children, and caregivers facing intricate family law issues.

Expressing dedication to advocating for survivors of domestic abuse, Skayman emphasizes the urgency of safeguarding individuals and obtaining protective orders for children experiencing trauma. Pepperells Solicitors, under Skayman's leadership, remains committed to swiftly addressing diverse family law challenges while ensuring empathetic legal guidance and representation.

Ben Pepperell, Chief Executive Officer at Pepperells, highlights the significance of Skayman's appointment, emphasizing the firm's dedication to efficiently resolving various family issues and supporting survivors of domestic abuse. The team's focus extends to handling protective orders and complex family law negotiations on both private paying and legal aid funded bases, demonstrating their commitment to aiding those in need.

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