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Pepperells launch criminal defence department

Pepperells launch criminal defence department


Pepperells Solicitors expands to offer expert criminal defence services led by seasoned professionals in Lincoln

Pepperells Solicitors, a prominent legal firm in Lincoln, is proud to announce the establishment of its latest department specialising in criminal defence law. Situated at their West Parade office in Lincoln, this expansion aims to meet the growing demand for skilled legal representation in criminal matters within the community.

Headed by Sonia Bhalla, a highly experienced criminal defence solicitor renowned for her dedication to justice, the department brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With a successful track record in defending clients across a spectrum of criminal cases, Bhalla is committed to upholding individual rights and ensuring fair legal proceedings.

Joining Bhalla is Jan Povada, a respected police station representative known for his deep understanding of police procedures. With his extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, Povada offers invaluable support to clients during police interviews and investigations, ensuring their rights are protected at every stage.

Nigel Sloane, Head of Department at Pepperells, emphasised the firm's dedication to providing comprehensive legal services. With Bhalla and Povada leading in Lincoln, Pepperells aims to offer unparalleled representation to individuals facing criminal charges in Lincolnshire and beyond.

The establishment of the criminal defence department reflects Pepperells' commitment to serving the community. By providing specialised legal assistance in criminal matters, the firm aims to alleviate the stress of navigating the legal system.

Sonia Bhalla, Criminal Defence Solicitor at Pepperells, emphasised the importance of timely legal advice and support during challenging times. Jan Povada, Police Station Representative, stressed the critical role of expert representation in safeguarding individual rights.

Clients can expect personalised attention and unwavering support from Pepperells' dedicated legal professionals. Whether facing charges of theft, assault, or more serious offenses, Pepperells is committed to securing the best possible outcome for every client.