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Pearson Solicitors expands with Milnrow acquisition

Pearson Solicitors expands with Milnrow acquisition


Pearson Solicitors grows, acquiring Sarah Dixon & Co to expand legal services in Milnrow and Rochdale

In a strategic move to broaden its reach and enhance its service offerings, Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers has successfully acquired Sarah Dixon & Co Solicitors. The expansion is a crucial part of the firm's comprehensive plan to enter new geographical areas, particularly in Milnrow and the wider Rochdale region, with the aim of delivering high-quality legal services to both individuals and businesses.

The recent acquisition is particularly noteworthy, as it signifies Pearson's commitment to growth and the reinforcement of its position in the legal services market. Sarah Dixon, a highly respected local solicitor, welcomes the move along with her team. The acquisition ensures the retention of existing staff members, with Sarah collaborating closely with Pearson's teams, some of whom will be stationed in Milnrow.

This strategic move not only strengthens and expands the current family law and private client practice offered by Sarah Dixon but also introduces additional legal services to the Milnrow area. Pearson will bring expertise in conveyancing, personal injury, medical negligence, employment law, legal services for businesses, and financial services.

With headquarters in North Manchester and Saddleworth, Pearson's expansion into Milnrow marks its fifth office and a workforce of over 80 staff members. Joanne Ormston, Director at Pearson, expresses gratitude for the opportunity, stating, "Taking over this established Milnrow firm is an honour, and we hope to continue the personal service and excellent client care Sarah has developed for her clients."

Joanne emphasizes the cultural compatibility between Pearson and Sarah Dixon & Co, highlighting the shared emphasis on client satisfaction. "Culturally it is a perfect fit for Pearson as we like to think we place the same emphasis on client satisfaction and will build on the solid foundations Sarah has built, whilst at the same time bringing other legal services into the area," adds Joanne.

Sarah Dixon echoes the sentiment, stating, "Pearson are a well-respected firm with generations of clients and traditions, but at the same time ready to take the business forward. Finding a firm with the same ethos as myself was a vital factor."

The acquisition is viewed as a significant step for Pearson, aligning with their ambitious growth plans for 2024 and beyond. Sarah Dixon & Co will now operate under the umbrella of Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers, led by Directors Joanne Ormston, Christopher Burke, and Richard Eastwood.

In her comments on the acquisition, Sarah Dixon reflects on the decision, stating, "Pearson has taken on board my staff and is bringing a professional full-service law firm to the area. It’s a great fit, and I am sure we have an exciting year ahead of us." The union of these two reputable firms promises a synergistic partnership, bringing comprehensive legal services to the Milnrow community and beyond.

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