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Paul Hastings leads strategic acquisition: Keyloop expands with ATG

Paul Hastings leads strategic acquisition: Keyloop expands with ATG


Under the guidance of partners Anu Balasubramanian, Jamie Holdoway, Jade-Alexandra Fearns, and associate James Waite, Paul Hastings facilitated this pivotal transaction

In a transformative move orchestrated by Paul Hastings (Europe) LLP, Keyloop, a prominent global automotive technology company, has completed a definitive agreement to acquire Automotive Transformation Group (ATG). 

ATG, headquartered in Kent, UK, is renowned for its innovative automotive technology solutions, specialising in omnichannel retail solutions. With a workforce of over 330 employees and a presence in more than 80 countries, ATG's offerings have been instrumental in simplifying the car buying experience for retailers, OEMs, financiers, and fleet suppliers.

The automotive industry is undergoing profound changes, marked by evolving customer expectations and a growing demand for seamless digital experiences. Keyloop's strategic vision aligns with this shifting landscape, aiming to deliver an "Experience-First" approach that emphasises the seamless integration of digital and physical touchpoints throughout the consumer automotive journey.

By combining forces with ATG, Keyloop seeks to create an integrated technology portfolio that revolutionises the consumer automotive journey. This synergy will empower retailers and OEMs to elevate the customer experience through innovative solutions that streamline processes and deliver personalised interactions.

Tom Kilroy, CEO of Keyloop, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, emphasising its significance in realising the company's vision of making Experience-First a tangible reality for customers. Kilroy highlighted ATG's Fusion omnichannel auto retailing platform as a valuable addition to Keyloop's suite of offerings, underscoring the potential for positive impact on the digital transformation of automotive retail experiences.

Likewise, Tim Smith, CEO of ATG, echoed Kilroy's sentiments, affirming that the acquisition by Keyloop aligns with ATG's mission of delivering cutting-edge, consumer-first software solutions to the automotive industry. Smith expressed confidence in Keyloop's ability to leverage ATG's expertise and technologies to advance its mission of providing Experience-First solutions on a global scale.

The transaction, facilitated by Paul Hastings LLP among other advisors, underscores the strategic importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the evolution of the automotive technology sector. As Keyloop and ATG join forces, they are poised to redefine the automotive retail landscape, setting new standards for customer-centric experiences and digital transformation within the industry.