At just one year old, the Supreme Court is facing potentially massive cuts – so can it still justify its role as public educator? Lord Phillips explains to Jean-Yves Gilg why it should

Lawyers were stunned to see the Supreme Court on the list of quangos possibly heading for the guillotine a fortnight ago. Nobody really believed the justices would soon be packing their wigs and crossing Parliament Square back to the House of Lords, but it was a relief to hear last week that the court had survived the cull.

Why the Supreme Court – which is hardly a quango and was only established just over a year ago – appeared on the list in the first place is not clear, but it highlights two things. First, that the new court is financially accountable in a way the law lords weren’t, and, second, that the move to the refurbished Middlesex Guildhall can still come across as a project promoted by politicians seekin...

Jean-Yves Gilg
Solicitors Journal

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