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Noerr advises EMERAM on CoCoNet AG acquisition

Noerr advises EMERAM on CoCoNet AG acquisition


Led by Munich-based partner Christoph Thiermann, Noerr facilitated the acquisition, with Frankfurt-based partner Michael Schuhmacher leading the financing aspects of the transaction.

EMERAM is a leading investment firm specialising in medium-sized companies within German-speaking regions, focusing on growth companies in sectors such as technology/software, value-added services, and non-discretionary consumer goods.

CoCoNet specialises in digital corporate banking software, particularly in payment transactions and cash management. Their solutions, designed to enhance customer experience without altering core banking systems, have earned them an international presence, with offices in Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, and Austria.

Noerr's expertise in advising EMERAM includes previous transactions such as the sale of the Officium Group.

Advisors to EMERAM from Noerr Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB include:

  • Christoph Thiermann (Partner, Private Equity, Munich) - Team Lead
  • Michael Schuhmacher (Partner, Frankfurt) - Head of Finance
  • Aleksandra Vujinovic (Senior Associate, Frankfurt)
  • Daniel Prexler (Senior Associate, Munich)
  • Pia-Alena Abele (Associate, Munich)
  • Sebastian Schilling (Associate, Munich)
  • Pinar Turkac-Christmann (Associated Partner, Frankfurt) - Finance
  • Benjamin Jahn (Partner, Munich) - Employment
  • Laura Adjan (Associate, Munich) - Employment
  • Katja Steinthaler (Senior Associate, Munich) - IP
  • Patrick Neidinger (Associated Partner, Munich) - IT/Digital Business
  • Konstantin Richter (Associate, Munich) - IT/Digital Business
  • Lennart Laude (Associate, Munich) - IT/Digital Business
  • Julian Monschke (Associated Partner, Frankfurt) - Data Protection
  • Karl-Alexander Neumann (Associated Partner, Hamburg) - Regulatory
  • Arndt Alexander Schmidt (Senior Associate, Hamburg) - Regulatory

Noerr's expertise and comprehensive approach have facilitated a successful acquisition for EMERAM, further solidifying their position in the investment landscape.

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