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Noerr advises Deutsche Bank AG on Südzucker AG's delisting acquisition financing

Noerr advises Deutsche Bank AG on Südzucker AG's delisting acquisition financing


Noerr assists Deutsche Bank AG with a €300m bridge financing for Südzucker's CropEnergies AG acquisition

In a recent development, a proficient team from Noerr, spearheaded by Torsten Wehrhahn and Andreas Naujoks, provided crucial counsel to Deutsche Bank AG. The guidance involved facilitating a €300 million bridge financing for Südzucker AG, aimed at securing a delisting agreement with CropEnergies AG.

The pivotal move unfolded on 19th December 2023 when Südzucker AG's management board, sanctioned by the supervisory board, extended an unconditional acquisition offer to the remaining shareholders of CropEnergies AG. At that juncture, Südzucker AG already held approximately 69.2% of CropEnergies AG's share capital.

CropEnergies AG stands tall as a key player in Europe's sustainable ethanol production for the fuel industry, besides manufacturing food and animal feed products.

In the course of this strategic financial maneuver, Noerr served as the advisor to Deutsche Bank AG, marshaling their expertise in diverse realms:

  • Finance: Torsten Wehrhahn (Partner), Andreas Naujoks (Partner), and Martina Buller (Senior Associate), all specializing in Banking & Finance in Frankfurt.
  • Taxation: Andre Happel (Partner) and Thomas Renner (Associate), experts in Taxation based in Frankfurt.

This collaboration signifies the complex interplay of legal, financial, and strategic considerations in high-stakes business transactions. The involvement of Noerr underscores the significance of legal expertise in navigating intricate corporate acquisitions and financing arrangements.