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Nikki Edwards elected as President of London Solicitors Litigation Association

Nikki Edwards elected as President of London Solicitors Litigation Association


She succeeds Nicholas Heaton at Hogan Lovells and will serve a term of two years

Taking over the reins amidst a backdrop of significant global changes, Nikki Edwards steps into her role at a pivotal moment. With geopolitical shifts, economic uncertainties, and impending general elections in both the UK and US, the landscape for litigation in London is poised for transformation. Factors such as business distress, the rise of Artificial Intelligence, crypto assets, collective claims, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns are expected to directly influence the nature and volume of litigation in the capital.

Moreover, procedural developments relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), pre-action conduct, and litigation funding reforms are likely to reshape dispute resolution in London. Under Nikki Edwards’ leadership, the LSLA aims to engage with these procedural changes, collaborating closely with the Judiciary, Bar, and other stakeholders to ensure that London's litigation framework remains innovative and adaptable.

A key focus during Nikki Edwards’ tenure will be on fostering inclusivity within the legal profession. Coming from a working-class background herself, Edwards is committed to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, emphasising the importance of equal opportunities for all practitioners, regardless of background or identity.

In her new role, Nikki Edwards will work to address these pressing issues, providing guidance to practitioners and advocating for positive change within the legal community. John McElroy, Partner at Hausfeld, joins as the new Vice-President of the LSLA, offering support to Edwards across all the association's activities.

Commenting on her appointment, Nikki Edwards expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am delighted to be taking over as President of the LSLA, and look forward to leading the organisation as it continues to provide a strong voice on the issues impacting London’s litigation market."

Despite challenges, Nikki Edwards remains optimistic about London's position as a global litigation hub. She highlights ongoing legislative advancements, such as the Arbitration Bill, as critical to maintaining the city's prominence in resolving international disputes. Edwards also acknowledges the evolving landscape of litigation funding and its potential impact on London's legal sector.

Acknowledging her predecessor, Nicholas Heaton, Nikki Edwards commended his leadership during his tenure, particularly in navigating the aftermath of the pandemic and addressing various issues affecting London's litigation landscape.

As Nikki Edwards assumes her new role, she is poised to steer the LSLA through a period of dynamic change, ensuring that London remains at the forefront of global litigation while advocating for inclusivity and progress within the legal profession.