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Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Deputy Editor, Solicitors Journal

Nexa Law acquires corporate specialist Peregrine Law

Nexa Law acquires corporate specialist Peregrine Law


Investor-backed ABS Nexa Law has acquired the entire share capital of London corporate firm Peregrine Law, it confirmed today.

The deal sees Peregrine founders, Nigel Clark and Ben Walmsley, as well as their 12-strong team join Nexa.

Clark has been appointed to the Nexa board to support the firm’s growth plans to have more than 100 consultant lawyers operating nationally by the end of 2020.

Chester-based Nexa Law was founded by managing director Eliot Hibbert (pictured) and chairman John Roberts in 2016  and is an ABS with a network of consultant lawyers.

In a statement on today’s merger, Nexa outlined its ambition to be the ‘go-to’ firm for consultant lawyers.

Hibbert said the deal supported Nexa’s “ambitious growth strategy and further strengthens our proposition in the critical London market”. 

He added: “As the UK legal sector continues to evolve, we strongly believe that our law firm model will overtake more traditional offerings in terms of giving individuals and business clients the legal services they need on a more agile, affordable basis.”

Clarke, the former CEO of Peregrine, said: “The Nexa platform represents the best of the future of legal services and we are hugely excited to be joining nexa law.  We’ve known and admired Eliot, John and their team for some time and we feel this a great fit and the best next step for both businesses.”