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New short film Launched to promote community justice awareness

New short film Launched to promote community justice awareness


Community Justice Scotland, in collaboration with The Union creative communications agency, has released a short film to educate the public about the benefits of community justice

Research indicates that 70% of the public are unaware of what community justice entails. The film aims to bridge this knowledge gap and highlight how community sentences can reduce reoffending and disrupt the cycle of crime.


  • Purpose: The film seeks to raise awareness about community justice and its role in preventing reoffending by keeping individuals connected to their support networks and providing opportunities for rehabilitation within the community.
  • Setting: Part of the film was shot in Dr Neil’s Garden in Duddingston, Edinburgh, where community payback orders sometimes involve unpaid work.
  • Usage: Community Justice Scotland will use the film at various events, presentations, and meetings. It is also accessible to other professionals in the justice sector.


  • Mairi Clare Rodgers, Interim Head of Communications at Community Justice Scotland:

    “Community justice is one sentencing option that can help people stop breaking the law again leading to fewer victims and safer communities. Yet, research has told us that the majority of the Scottish public do not know what it is. That’s why it’s important that we continue to raise awareness of how a community first approach to sentencing can keep Scotland safer and we hope this film will help. The evidence shows us that where it’s safe, keeping people connected to their support networks in the community where they can access help to change their offending behaviour can help prevent reoffending.”

  • Michael Hart, Creative Director of The Union:

    “Like so many other sectors, the justice system could do with a little disruption and transformation. Community justice is the change it needs. It was a privilege to create a film that we hope makes its value clear and unarguable.”

Development: The film was developed with input from focus groups, including stakeholders, justice professionals, and the public, ensuring the message is communicated clearly and effectively.

Future Plans: A follow-up film is planned to explain the broader work of Community Justice Scotland, focusing on prevention and reducing reoffending.

Watch the Film: The new short film, "What is Community Justice?" is available on YouTube - What is community justice? (

Community Justice Scotland: Community Justice Scotland is dedicated to promoting community-based sentences and supporting the justice system in Scotland to reduce reoffending and enhance public safety through innovative approaches.