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New property information form released

New property information form released


The new TA6 Property Information Form is aligned with National Trading Standards material information guidance

The National Trading Estate and Letting Agency Team (NTSELAT) recommends that sellers engage with their solicitor early in the process to complete the TA6 form. This proactive approach allows for more detailed information about the property to be utilised for marketing purposes.

According to Law Society President Nick Emmerson, earlier collaboration between sellers and solicitors may help address potential issues that could lead to delays in the sale process. The aim of the TA6 form is to streamline the flow of information from property marketing through to the legal process, ultimately facilitating better-informed buyers and reducing the likelihood of sales falling through.

Key updates to the TA6 form include:

  • Property Details: Inclusion of the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) and council tax band.
  • Tenure, Ownership, and Charges: Clarification on the property's tenure (freehold, leasehold, etc.) and associated costs.
  • Parking: Details on parking permits and electric vehicle (EV) charging.
  • Building Safety: Information on defects or hazards, essential works, and recommendations.
  • Restrictive Covenants: Details affecting property use.
  • Flood Risk and Coastal Erosion: Assessment of flood risk, coastal erosion, and installed defences.
  • Accessibility: Adaptations for easier access.
  • Coalfield or Mining Area: Impact of mining activity on the property.
  • Solar Panels: Installation details.
  • Services Connected: Inclusion of air and ground heat pumps.
  • Drainage and Sewerage: Details on discharge and infiltration systems.
  • Japanese Knotweed: Refinement of questions regarding nearby areas affected.

Additionally, updates have been made to the TA6 Explanatory Notes for Sellers and Buyers, as well as the TA7 Leasehold Information Form.

The TA forms are available through Law Society licensed third-party suppliers, providing comprehensive information to both sellers and buyers in property transactions.