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Jamie Goldsmith KC

Barrister, One Essex Court

New initiative brings key litigation experts together to deliver pro bono solutions and improve access to justice

New initiative brings key litigation experts together to deliver pro bono solutions and improve access to justice

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This is a unique offering, building on the Pro Bono Connect scheme which is spearheaded by Jamie Goldsmith KC

The new initiative is supported by important members of the judiciary including Lady Rose and Mr Justice Robin Knowles.

Leading legal pro bono charities, The National Pro Bono Centre and Pro Bono Connect are launching the UK’s first pro bono litigation support service, Pro Bono Expert Support (PBES) that brings lawyers, barristers, experts and other key litigation support advisors together to deliver access to justice across a number of important legal cases and causes.

PBES will include experts from various disciplines including forensic accountants, eDiscovery providers, strategic communications, investigators, costs lawyers, translation and interpretation providers and a wide range of expert witnesses.

The initiative will be launched during Pro Bono Week, at an event hosted at the Supreme Court. The evening will feature speeches from several leading advisors involved in the initiative, including:

  • Fatima Bhula – Executive Officer of Pro Bono Connect
  • Lucy Clifford – Travers Smith, on her experience of Pro Bono Connect as a solicitor
  • Kate Buchanan – Retired Solicitor, on her experience as a solicitor and legal advice clinic volunteer
  • Gus Sellitto – Byfield Consultancy, as an expert and litigation PR support provider

Jamie Goldsmith KC commented: “We are delighted to be launching Pro Bono Expert Services with the National Pro Bono Centre, an initiative that brings together crucial services to support pro bono clients through litigation. Pro bono work plays an important role in delivering access to justice across society and we are incredibly grateful to the organisations and individuals who have agreed to support us. We look forward to building on this support and encourage other providers to join us in this initiative.”

Lady Rose, Justice of the UK Supreme Court, said: “Pro Bono Week is an important moment in the legal year to raise the profile of pro bono legal advice and how that promotes access to justice. The Pro Bono Expert Support service offers those who require legal help the kind of support that will give them the best chance of progressing their case in the most effective way. I am delighted to be supporting this important new initiative that brings together a number of leading practitioners from legal and related disciplines.”