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New Customer Onboarding Platform to Transform Claims Registration

New Customer Onboarding Platform to Transform Claims Registration


Leading insurance legal services firm Minster Law has unveiled their ground-breaking new customer onboarding platform

The new platform aims to revolutionise the often confusing and cumbersome claims registration process, whilst delivering a seamless and efficient experience for customers.

Paul Taylor, chief operating officer at the Yorkshire-based law firm, said the new platform marked another step forward in the firm’s strategy to build “the best digitally enabled claims experience in the personal injury market”, reducing cost and meeting the expectation of today’s modern customer.

“Our new onboarding platform has been designed to respond to the needs of today’s time-pressed customer, who expect services to be delivered conveniently and seamlessly. Our objective was to find new, innovative ways to remove unnecessary effort from the claims registration process, whilst empowering our advisors to deliver the best possible service experience.”

“We consistently achieve over 90% customer satisfaction scores and we’re looking to go even further, reducing the time it takes a customer to register a claim by up to 40%.”

Taylor explained that the new platform has been developed on Minster’s new low-code/no-code digital platform and offers a range of cutting-edge features and functionalities.

“We’ve developed a new, intelligent injury matrix that drives automated claims track allocation, which means we can trigger dynamic questions sets based on the specifics of an individual claim or customer.”

“We’ve integrated this with a new customer digital interface, which allows the customer to securely provide any additional data or evidence and also sign & approve their claims notification form.”

“The advantage of low code/no code platform is that we can build applications, modify workflows and introduce new functionality more swiftly and iteratively, without the dependency on technical developers and coding. We’re able to meet the demands of digital transformation in-house, without the issue of legacy back-office systems and applications.”

Taylor said that a swift and efficient digital claims journey is essential if the PI sector is to effectively align itself with the broader digitisation strategies of motor insurers. “Through our flexible API architecture, we’re enabling new data/application integration opportunities with our business partners. As an example, we are already looking at developing our new platform to integrate with motor ENOL – creating a holistic claims registration journey for non-fault customers.”

“Our ability to scale and adapt in this way enables Minster to absorb and manage increased caseloads, streamline processes, and deliver quality services to clients, regardless of the volume of claims we manage.”

“Simplifying the claims experience and creating outcomes that truly matter sit at the very heart of our strategy. By embracing digital transformation and focusing on enhancing our customers' journey, we are confident that this technology will redefine the standards of efficiency and convenience in personal injury claims. We will be bringing on board further initiatives during our digital transformation, that will firmly establish Minster Law as the most contemporary PI law firm serving the insurance industry.”