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NCA secures first unexplained wealth order in Northern Ireland

NCA secures first unexplained wealth order in Northern Ireland


The National Crime Agency (NCA) achieved a landmark victory by securing the first Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO) in Northern Ireland against a man suspected of serious organised crime

The order compels the man and his wife to disclose the origin of funds used to construct a property in County Armagh, valued at approximately £275,000.

The High Court in Belfast granted the UWO on 17 May, as part of an ongoing NCA civil recovery investigation. The man, currently residing in the Republic of Ireland, is believed to have ties to paramilitary activity, cigarette smuggling, and money laundering.

This UWO marks the first of its kind in Northern Ireland since the Criminal Finances Act 2017 provisions were implemented in June 2021. The process involved overcoming several legal challenges in the High Court, including a failed challenge to the NCA's legal standing in the region.

Suzanne Foster, Head of Asset Denial at the NCA, emphasised the significance of this development in combating criminal finances in Northern Ireland. She stated, "This is a significant milestone in the fight against criminal finance in Northern Ireland. We continue to show that the NCA will use all the tools available to us to target those we believe are involved in serious crime, whoever and wherever they are."

The NCA's success in obtaining this UWO represents a crucial step in their ongoing efforts to investigate and disrupt illicit financial activities in Northern Ireland.

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