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Nature Infrastructure Capital and X-ELIO invest in ECO STOR

Nature Infrastructure Capital and X-ELIO invest in ECO STOR


Noerr, with Ropes & Gray, guides NIC and X-ELIO's substantial investment in ECO STOR, fortifying renewable energy presence

Amidst the dynamic landscape of Germany's renewable energy sector, private equity firm Nature Infrastructure Capital (NIC) and X-ELIO, backed by Brookfield, have taken a significant stride by investing in battery storage specialist ECO STOR GmbH. This latest transaction, advised by Noerr and US law firm Ropes & Gray, marks a strategic partnership with Å Energi Invest and other existing shareholders.

The consortium, led by NIC and X-ELIO, has acquired a substantial stake in ECO STOR, a Munich-based company renowned for its cutting-edge Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). The move is indicative of NIC's commitment to expanding its footprint in the German and European renewable energy markets.

Hamburg-based partners Christoph Spiering and Vanessa Hoffmann Linhard spearheaded the Noerr team, overseeing both the investment and the acquisition of a majority stake in ECO STOR. This comes on the heels of NIC's earlier acquisition of PV developer MaxSolar in collaboration with Greenvolt, another venture where Noerr played a pivotal advisory role.

The investment in ECO STOR aligns seamlessly with the global focus of NIC, a private equity giant specialising in renewable energy and infrastructure. X-ELIO, as a Spanish renewable energy investor and a leading force in sustainable energy development, brings its expertise to further strengthen the partnership.

Battery storage technology emerges as a linchpin in Germany's energy transition, and ECO STOR stands at the forefront with its clean and decentralised energy storage solutions. As the country seeks to advance its commitment to renewable energy, this strategic investment places NIC and X-ELIO at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

This transaction not only exemplifies the continued success of Noerr's Infrastructure & Energy M&A team but also reinforces their proficiency in navigating complex deals within the renewable energy sector. Having recently advised Foresight on billion-euro green hydrogen production plant projects, Noerr solidifies its standing as a key player in shaping the future of sustainable infrastructure. The collaborative efforts of NIC, X-ELIO, and Noerr signify a shared vision for a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.