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National Association of Independent Administrators launched

National Association of Independent Administrators launched


NAIA unites contentious and non-contentious lawyers for best practices and collaboration in Independent Administration

A new professional association, the National Association of Independent Administrators (NAIA), has been established to bring together contentious and non-contentious lawyers who specialise in Independent Administration (IA). This association aims to create a community focused on improving and codifying best practices, advancing member education, advocating for legal reforms, and fostering collaboration.

Independent Administration is a specialised service used when the administration of an estate encounters issues that prevent it from progressing, often due to disagreements among parties, contested wills, or improper actions by executors. In such cases, the court may appoint an Independent Administrator to resolve these issues and break any deadlock.

The NAIA was founded by Helen Stewart, Head of Probate and Independent Administrator at Thomson Snell & Passmore, alongside Nick Horton, Head of Will, Trust & Estate Disputes at the same firm, and his team. They initiated the association in response to the increasing demand for IA services.

Helen Stewart, now Chair of the NAIA, shared her insights on the association's inception: "The demand for Independent Administration in probate has grown rapidly, highlighting the need for a dedicated association. By uniting those involved in IA, we aim to enhance our collective understanding, refine practices and procedures, and establish a nationwide network for referrals. The NAIA provides a vibrant community where professionals can share expertise and experiences, ultimately benefiting families, executors, and beneficiaries requiring IA services."

The inaugural AGM of the NAIA saw the election of its management board, which includes:

  • Chair: Helen Stewart, Thomson Snell & Passmore
  • Vice Chair: Thomas Middlehurst, Blake Morgan
  • Treasurer: Austin Gill, Hugh James
  • Marketing Secretary: Oliver Auld, Charles Russell Speechly
  • General Secretary: Lorna Spear, Birketts
  • General Officers:
    • Alison Regan, Russell-Cooke
    • Monika Byrska, Howard Kennedy
    • Paula James, Irwin Mitchell
    • Scott Taylor, Moore Barlow

With members from over 25 law firms, the NAIA is poised to significantly impact the field of Independent Administration, promoting excellence and cooperation across the profession.

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