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Moore Barlow Senior Partner Launches U-triumph Podcast for Inspiration

Moore Barlow Senior Partner Launches U-triumph Podcast for Inspiration


Trevor Sterling's U-triumph podcast features diverse success stories to inspire and empower listeners

Trevor Sterling, Senior Partner at Moore Barlow, introduces the U-triumph podcast, aiming to illuminate and inspire individuals from various backgrounds. Sterling, the first Black Senior Partner in a top-100 law firm, curates the podcast to share success narratives from diverse spheres, fostering encouragement not just to climb the ladder but to become one.

In its debut, the podcast welcomes Shaun Wallace, famed for his role as "The Dark Destroyer" on The Chase and the first black person to win Mastermind. Wallace discusses his journey from barrister to television personality, highlighting the challenges he surmounted on his path to success.

Following Wallace, trauma surgeon Martin Griffiths CBE, renowned for his pivotal role during the pandemic and as the country’s first NHS National Director for Violence Reduction, shares his story. Griffiths, recently featured on Bill Bailey's Extraordinary Portraits, delves into his career and accomplishments, including sculptures of himself created by Nick Elphic.

The U-triumph podcast, available on Spotify, showcases interviews with notable figures like Amandeep Khasriya, who recounts challenges faced while achieving Partner status at Moore Barlow, and Phil Gill, the Founder of PLG Consultants, supporting individuals with disabilities in accommodation needs.

Actor Fraser James, known for roles alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Idris Elba, and the founder of Underexposed Exhibition Arts, emphasizing positive representation, also shares his journey.

Sterling emphasizes the podcast's aim to inspire by illustrating that fair opportunities and determination pave the way for success. His vision mirrors the sentiment, "Don't just aspire to climb the ladder. Be the ladder," resonating with those seeking to break barriers and achieve their goals.

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